Advanced Aero Components Acquires Glasair 2 and 3

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Date: 10/12/2017
Re: Advanced Aero Components Glasair 2 & 3 Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that Advanced Aero Components has acquired the legendary Glasair 2 and 3 assets from Glasair Aviation.  This includes all tooling, parts inventory and intellectual property related to the Glasair 2 and Glasair 3.

In a statement, Advanced Aero Components CEO Ian Baker has announced that the customer support to more than 2,000 existing builders and owners will continue into the future for all existing Glasair 2 and 3 aircraft.  The continued support will be stronger than ever with the soon to be introduced web store for all available Glasair parts.

Ian goes on to say the Glasair 2 and 3 aircraft will soon be rereleased as updated kit aircraft and will incorporate all of the existing modifications that Advanced Aero Components already offers the current Glasair range of aircraft.  The updated Glasair 2 and 3 will be visibly and aerodynamically cleaner all over as well as lighter weight to bring the kit to a more competitive place in the market.

Ian said that the new kits will simply be known as the G2 and G3 series sport aircraft under the Advanced Aero Components banner.  Also, new kit orders will be available in an all infused carbon fiber, pre-molded kit creating a much lighter and stronger airframe while reducing build times significantly.

Glasair was the first company to produce a pre-molded composite kitplane in 1980.  Since its original release, the development of the Glasair aircraft has been extensive, culminating in the Glasair 3, still available today.

New Web Store Opened!

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We are proud to open our new web store with many of our products currently available.  We will be adding more of our products over the next few weeks and announce exciting new items in the future.  Feel free to Contact Us if there is anything special you might need for your project.  Thanks!