About Advanced-Aero Components 

Advanced Aero Components was founded by Ian Baker in 2003 and started operations by designing and manufacturing innovative aviation and automotive components and products.The company has grown over the years and now has many aviation and automotive components and products available for sale.

Ian has an extensive background in the aviation industry being a licensed pilot and has worked for many years with domestic and major international aircraft manufacturers before branching out to form Advanced Aero Components.

Over the years Ian has been credited with developing and manufacturing a number of innovative and technologically advanced components for the aviation industry.  Ian’s background and knowledge of the aviation field has come from working with Australia’s biggest airline as a composite structures engineer.

 The Future

Advanced Aero Components is a leader in advanced composites and incorporates the latest innovation and technological advances in all its aviation and automotive components and products.  Advanced Aero Components has a number of new innovative and technologically advanced components and products in stages of testing and production and will be releasing them to the market when fully satisfied that they meet and exceed the highest safety standards and performance measurements.

Advanced Aero Components will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and technical design and achievement and is a leader in the field of advanced composites for the aviation and automotive industries now and in the future.

Our Promise to You
“Success through imagination and perseverance.”